MoonGlo Balloon Light Tower


You’ll be absolutely blown away by our Balloon Light Towers – or your visit to the optometrist is on us…
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MoonGlo Balloon Light Tripod


Work doesn’t start until you have light. Tripod balloon lights offer the fastest setup and take down in a portable package…
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MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Paving & Construction


Balloon lights for paving asphalt/concrete pavers- utility trucks, linemen – Make sure your guys are working under the best lights possible..
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Love the MoonGlo Lights! One of the best purchases I think we have made. The amount of light these produce is great. Here are some photos… 

Johnnie Z.Project Manager, Salinas Construction, Inc.

MoonGlo Balloon Lighting Systems were designed for the construction industry and manufactured in Salem, Oregon USA.


MoonGlo Balloon Work Lights and Balloon Lighting Systems were created specifically for the construction industry.

They were not designed as party lighting – not for birthday decorations – not to light a movie set where they “make” rain and “make” wind.

MoonGlo balloon lights are for the $8 billion dollar bridges and the $96 billion dollar high-speed rail projects that must get done… Our balloon lights were designed to be the best.

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With construction night work there are many challenges and work zone lighting can be a major one. Different job sites usually require changes to your work zone lighting. This is why we created MoonGlo Balloon Lights with a interchangeable balloon light mounting feature.

Our interchangeable mounting system means any MoonGlo Balloon Light can be used with our MoonGlo Balloon Light Towers, with our Paving & Machine Balloon Lighting Systems, Vehicle Balloon Light Mounts and Tripod Balloon Lighting Systems giving the contractor the versatility needed to light a work zone properly, affordably and safely.

We are proud to make the most versatile balloon lighting system ever.


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